Hello From Paris

Hello Fellowship of LogSeq !

I have been part of IT Support People for more than 20 years (you know the hobbits-like tribe : “usually shy, but are nevertheless capable of great courage and amazing feats under the proper circumstances” well unsung heroes who save someone’s world on a daily basis :wink: )

I LOVE to collect a lot of notes, ideas, action plans and I sharpened my skills moving from one tool to another : notepad (you remember, the real one, not the app), word documents, dokuwiki, one note, goodnotes, obsidian … without finding THE solution.

Here came Logseq in my life (big kudos to people who recorded youtube videos !! ) I felt in love at the first sight : Human-readable data I own, block reference ids, tags and links.

I have been started to play with it since March 2023 and super happy with. I’m not saying that everything is perfect, but most of the time, what is done is SO easy to use that it makes me smiling.

A big thank to all the invisible magicians who made this open-source software available, it has changed a lot for me (one hobbit hidden on middle-Earth).