Hello from Sif in the Netherlands

Hello I’m Siferiax. I’m from the Netherlands.
I found Logseq only a few days ago through an article on the official BulletJournal website about combining digital and analogue tools.
I’ve used the BuJo method since 2018 in various forms. Recently however I have been using GoodNotes instead of a physical notebook to BuJo. This happened because I didn’t like dragging a big notebook with me alongside a laptop and iPad.

However one thing that has always bothered me about my systems is finding information again. Having some sort of easy organization method.
Then I happened upon the article and Logseq sounded like the tool I needed for this.

It took quite some getting used to, for sure, but I have found Logseq so far very valuable.

Some things that I really like are:

  • the fact they are flat files. Meaning during work I can just have a notepad open and jot down thoughts as I work which then get added to Logseq without a hassle. (I don’t really mind the complicated sync system I set up for myself lol.)
  • I’ve found some really cool use cases for myself for organizing information, while being able to just write down whatever in the journal pages. Love the linking and all that!
  • I can manage my tasks in this, even though they are flat files! What!

The reason I’m here on this forum specifically is regarding the last point and queries. So expect a help topic after this post :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @Siferiax! :wave: I’m from Amsterdam (Oost) myself.

I’ve written a short course about queries. You can find everything under the lesson tag. It would be great to hear from you what processes/workflows you want to build or manage with Logseq. Hopefully we can provide some examples.

Thank you! I found the solution already myself :smiley:
Now I’m just struggling to get Logseq to sync through Github. I followed a tutorial but it isn’t working :frowning:

Consider using the official Logseq Sync service!