Hello from Sydney

Hi all, and happy new year.

I live in south Sydney and am just back from a morning of canoeing with my two young kids.

I arrived at Logseq via:

  • Bullet Journalling, started in October, mostly for keeping on top of everything and to help remember
  • Obsidian from December (following brief trials with Notion and other personal knowledge management systems), which has been amazing so far other than a few wrinkles.

At the moment I’m on the fence between Obsidian and Logseq. My use cases are as follows:

  • I would love to be able to use this at home, on my mobile, and at work. The latter has pretty strict software & data protection, however Github is ok. (please don’t depreciate!!)
  • I use it for PKM, Journalling, Planning and Task Management. I really like Logseq for the latter, as it has great integration with the NOW/LATER and easy querying.

I hope everyone has a happy new year and a great 2022!


Hello, and Happy New Year to you too.

Sydney - I loved it. Visited a few years back when did a little tour of Australasia. Of course did the proper tourist things of the Opera House and the bridge but as it was a flying stopover, I am looking forward to returning and seeing it properly this time round.

I tried bullet journaling but found that it was better suited to paper which meant that I would need to take a dedicated notepad around with me and also everything would then be written with my chicken handwriting that I struggle to read after 2 minutes. I therefore also found Obsidian and whilst loved it, the aesthetics just did not click for me. They have brought in WYSIWYG which improves it but still I do not feel like it is home. Luckily I discovered Logseq shortly after.

As you are on the fence and both Logseq and Obsidian can achieve what you are after, albeit in a different way, I would suggest that you try both apps out for a week each and see which one clicks better for you. I say a week, as I think a few days is too short. If you properly immerse yourself in the app you can then decide.

I hope this gives you some light to your conundrum (which many others have faced so do not feel bad about it) and you can be on your way to collecting and creating something from your notes.

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Mobile and browser access are going to be a problem. I am kind of similar to you and wanted to do all my projects and tasks in Logseq but it wasn’t stable enough. I don’t bother with logseq on mobile now as it was unsyncing too much and needed something that was always on for quick capture. I since migrated to tick tick for my.

That being said i would consider going back once a stable mobile app and sync is available on android.