Help! Missing unlinked

Hi all!

When you make a page [[Alpha Beta Gamma]], shouldn’t all blocks containing Alpha, Beta and Gamma separately show up in unlinked references? I’m missing some blocks in the unlinked section. Anybody else have this problem?

Could it be that unlinked blocks are allotted less space and therefore visibility of some unlinked blocks is sacrificed at the system level?

Unlinked blocks have to be an exact match to the page name. So a page called “Configure Block” would find blocks that contain the word “Configure Block”, but not “Configure Blocks”, or “Configured Blocks”, etc…

This seems to be consistent. Only parent blocks with Alpha, Beta or Gamma will show up in unlinked references. Child blocks are excluded.

Hey Nick. I just checked. Partial matches show up in unlinked as long as they’re not children.