Hi August sprinters, let's introduce ourselves!

Hi all! I’m so excited to learn about queries! :nerd_face:

I’ve been using Logseq for almost a year - I use it pretty much every work day and love it! It’s the only system that has consistently worked in keeping me organized that I actually want to open and use every day.

I use Logseq to log my daily activities at work, take meeting notes, organize projects & tasks, and as a reference system (I’m a consultant working in healthcare IT).

My current knowledge of queries is limited. I can create simple ones (or find & modify queries posted by others on Discord, etc. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

I’d like to build workflows, indexes, search my graph - all of the things!!

Looking forward to getting started!


I completed Dario’s Logseq Mastery and his Logseq Workflows. It is the best Online course I ever had. I highly recommend it.


Thanks for telling us your experience with Dario’s course. I think I will check it out!

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Hi, everyone. I’m happy to join this sprint.
this is my logseq exprience.
- How long have you been using Logseq, and how often (daily, weekly, selfdom)?
- for about 2 months, every day
- What do you use Logseq for at this moment?
- log for dailylife : memoramdum, diary, work, watching video, reading pdf, etc.
- What’s your current knowledge about Logseq queries?
- a little bit of simple query
- What do you want to build with Logseq queries? (workflows, indexes, just search your graph)?
- workflows, indexes, search my graph, database of my knowledge

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I’m Charline, from France.

  • How long have you been using Logseq, and how often (daily, weekly, selfdom)?
    It’s been only about a month, maybe a little more. I use it daily.

  • What do you use Logseq for at this moment?
    I use Logseq for two main things:

  • work: I am putting together a knowledge base about my specific field, composed of notes and bits of knowledge I gather. The goal is to have all the information about very specific topics gathered and ready to be used quickly and efficiently
  • personal: I use logseq to take notes about content that I consume, like series, video games, board games, books, applications etc, and the emotions associated with them. The goal is to spot patterns and see what triggers which emotions, or also which topics come back often or common points between things. To sumup, a tool to better know myself.
  • What’s your current knowledge about Logseq queries?
    I never really used them. I only tried once through a video tutorial. I don’t know yet how they can help with my projects. I am a developer though so I am already used to queries in SQL or noSQL databases

  • What do you want to build with Logseq queries? (workflows, indexes, just search your graph)?

  • mostly search my graph. But i have some plugin ideas that could use them too

Awesome idea to use Logseq to study the Bible!


Hi I’ve been using Logseq for a few weeks to study and organize my Readwise notes and highlights.
I know virtually nothing about queries but am anxious to learn.
I want to build a workflow for upcoming projects.

Kirsty here, I’m based in London. I have been using Logseq for a few months now. Used Notion before (still use for some things) and tried Obsidian but didn’t really get it. Logseq I “got” fairly quickly despite never having specifically used an outliner product or daily journal before. Logseq feels like tool I never new I needed before. So much faster and quicker to link and find things again than Notion and use every day. I put everything in journal and link to pages. Use for work, personal and some research stuff. Use for some todos I need to do in Logseq (although use Amazing Marvin for main productivity). Can do basic queries and keen to learn more advanced like querying blocks and more about numerical queries and how to replicate Notion roll up type function which it seems possible to do although more complex (I think?).

Thanks for putting this course together!

Hi, my name is Ronaldo Baltar. I’m using Logseq since last month. Now, I use Logseq daily. I’m using Logseq as my PMK and to instruct my students for academic note taking and literature review. I’m using simply basic queries. I want to build a personal database (zettelkasten) with Logseq. Before, I was using Tiddlywiki for zettelkasten and Obsidian for academic literature review.
Thank you.

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Hi, @Baltar, what is PMK?

And @Ramses, thanks for the edit - I always forget to add the at. I appreciate the reminder!

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Sorry! PKM (personal knowledge management)

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I just came onto Logseq earlier this month and started my move/linking of/with older approaches.
So, just started the learning curve using a little extra time I currently have.

Looking forward to broaden my understanding and taking my setup forward.

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I have been using LoqSeq for 6 weeks as a “Roam-Jumper” and believer. I have used Roam queries for some time but still do not feel comfortable with LoqSeq queries. I use LS for both personal and medical information. I find backlinks and graph views to be really helpful, and suspect queries can be even more productive for me. Really love this space.

Found this by complete fluke - super appreciate the feedback :pray:t4: