Hi from Catalonia

I’m an Englishman in Catalonia and I’m Good and Geeky.
Logseq is marvellous and I’ve taken to it much easier than Obsidian. Despite similarities between the two Logseq seems to make more sense to me.
I can see how I could use it for a Journal instead of Day One.
Learning Python and I find it useful to keep notes of my progress along side code.

Would be cool to integrate Logseq with Drafts, my go to app for text input. I’ll look for actions to send text from Drafts to Logseq. When I can do that I will be delighted.


Hi @Spondicious (David),

Sending text from Drafts to Logseq is as simple as saving your text as a Markdown file into the Logseq/pages folder. It will then become available as a page in Logseq.

I am using this with a shortcut to jot down quick ideas. Draft takes my input, gives it a name and a date, and then saves it to a bookmarked location, i.e. my logseq/pages folder. Easy peasy.