Hi from Estonia

Hey guys! This is Carlos. I discovered Logseq for a bit more than 5 months now and finally decided to join the forum to be more participant and collaborative to this amazing tool. In the past I’ve tried Notion, Dropbox Paper, simple text files, Clickup, Obsidian and whatnot but nothing gave me the freedom and excitement like Logseq.
I’m looking forward to new amazing development from this community!

Hi Carlos. Great to have you here and thank you for taking the time to post a message, very much appreciated.

Hopefully in the 5 months or so of using Logseq, it has been to you liking and you enjoy using the tool. Some of the other tools you mentioned are indeed incredible, but like you, I also struggled to call any of them home.

There are some goodies.in store for us with whiteboard and, I believe, PDF improvements so be on the lookout for these

Welcome aboard and look forward to chatting with you

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