Hi, from Spain (Barcelona)

Hi, slowly migrating from Roam to Logseq - somethings are easy and some things taking more time than I expected. Looking forward to making the complete leap to Logseq.

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Hola y bienvenido a Logseq y la comunidad!

It’s great to see more former Roam users switch to Logseq.

What’s your main reason to make the switch, and what are the biggest pain points in switching?

Main reason for switching: the navigation mechanisms are not working well on Roam. The system switches to strange looking windows when I least expect it and sticks. I am not sure why this is - I thought it was maybe the mouse setup or the trackpad. Needless to say these issues still persist, despite playing witht the settings.
The main pain-point: is converting my management flow and processes. Most of the template stuff is relatively easy but some of the code I am having some difficulties with e.g. the TODOs pending for my Week review and transferring dates around.

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I’ve found that Logseq TODOs aren’t particularly useful out of the box. I’ve followed the model that @mlanza posted here to list my TODOs in various states at the bottom of my daily journal. For my purposes it’s perfect. Incidentally, I’ll be in Barcelona for a year starting in August. Bona sort!