Highlight items in text that correspond to existing pages/aliases

Problem: Currently if I create a separate page about a person/concept I mention a lot in the text, I have to put every mention in brackets for it to be the link to a corresponding page.

Solution: All words that match the name of a specific page or its alias may have some kid of highlight and appear clickable in text. This will provide a much better visibility of data interconnections and reduce the need for redundant bracket links.

There is a plugin called ‘Automatic Linker’ in the marketplace that turns those unlinked refs into linked refs. It can do so automatically or in response to a shortcut or slash menu command.

Seems like the plugin is broken. It doesn’t respond to keyboard shortcuts, toggling right click menu items or work in automatic mode in LogSeq 0.8.8.

Perhaps an autocomplete, in the style of code editors, by pressing tab would be more practical.

Just tested it, I was able to get it to work in automatic mode, but I could not set a shortcut for single block mode or unset/change the default shortcut for automatic mode. Pinging @Aryan to see if he can reproduce and push an update.

@Didac I see what you’re thinking, but tab is reserved for bullet indentation and the autocomplete idea seems too close to what hitting [[ already does. But there is potential for refinement or alternate triggers.

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