Horizontal view of right sidebar pages + saved "sessions" of right sidebar+other ideas

based on this: GitHub - GitMurf/masonry-vanilla , basically:

  • option to horizontal view of the right sides pages.
  • being able to pin right sidebar pages and being available the next time(s) you open logseq until you unpinned them.
  • being able to move right sidebar pages between them.
  • right side pages can be sizable
    my own adds.
  • being able to save all viewable pages as a session (date/time saved + name).
  • option to occult the main page and only work with the right sidebar pages.
  • option to view other sessions on other devices
  • put a ctrl F on the desktop app for current pages, apart from that i think this has a lot to explore (a equivalent of the ctrol f but more advanced on logseq, search could be something like the highlighting on xodo), ie you cannot only search here, you can also search other open pages in your othr devices (priotizing the position of your current device ofc, this could go as a option to not overload)). however this point is not indispensable rn
    -RSBPs are independent from the outlining from the main page, same page can have different outlines(ie in your main [[page]] you see ▽A–text—text in in the sidebar of the same [[page]] you see only ▽A).