How to approach reviewing personal journal entries and extracting insights - PDF highlights?

I’m interested in using Logseq for personal journaling. I want to freewrite (in the morning pages style) and then review my entries later and extract and organize the interesting ideas. When I write, I don’t want to think about what should be a block and what shouldn’t. Once an entry is done for the day, I don’t need to go back and add to it.

What do you think about converting the entries to PDFs and highlighting them vs keeping them in plain text and separating the interesting parts into their own blocks? I’m leaning towards the PDF-highlighting approach because that way I’m adding things on top of the original entries rather than changing them to work with Logseq. Plus I could potentially do the highlighting outside of Logseq although I believe that currently isn’t possible unless you use Zotero. Curious to see how others would approach this problem.