How to (can you?) multi-select blocks on iOS

As a new user, I’m enjoying exploring the possibilities Logseq presents. However, I’ve bumped up against one annoyance thus far, insofar as I can’t figure out how to multi-select blocks on a page on iOS. For context, it’s to subsequently cut those blocks for pasting into another page (I suspect I’ll be doing quite a bit of that until I figure out a structure that suits me).
This is on an iPhone, no physical keyboard (I do a lot of real-time note entry based on podcasts I listen to whilst out walking)
Maybe this capability doesn’t exist yet?
Many thanks in advance.


It seems like you can swipe laterally to highlight one block, and if you do it quickly enough on another block, either at the same level or some levels up in the same block tree, it will highlight everything in between, but I can’t do this reliably, and I am looking around for documentation on the iOS app to know what the procedure actually is. Seems to be a feature, though, for sure

Is there any update on this problem?