How to do query of two (2) tags

–Newbee Here —
I like to list all blocks that have the following two tags in it

I am trying this: (but it does not work- get query error)
{{query (and (#TG/Activities/Comm/Call_To) ( #TG/Projects/2k23006 ))}}

However if I try:
{{query ((#TG/Activities/Comm/Call_To) )}}

OR this

{{query ( ( #TG/Projects/2k23006 ))}}

It works fine.

Can some one explain how does logseq parses the queries?
(It is not clear to me in the help files available online).


Actually none of your queries work in my logseq :slight_smile: not sure what version you are on though.
Good thing to know is that # and [[ ]] are the same functionally, just different visually.

The query syntax you need is:
{{query (and [[TG/Activities/Comm/Call_To]] [[TG/Projects/2k23006]])}}