How to edit query expression that is rendered as the queried results in Logseq desktop (Windows)

I’m a beginner. I’m using a simple query:
- {{query TODO}}
in my journal, but I’d like to delete it in the past journal pages.
I find it not possible, as they are always shown as rendered query with queried results, and I have no way to edit the query expression.

I wonder what’s the special operation/command for me to delete them or edit them?

This is tricky. Move the cursor into the query from above or below. NB the behaviour used to be different and the query used to show on clicking. I preferred this behaviour.

No, it doesn’t work still moving from above or below. As soon as the cursor is close to the query, the cursor changes to a shape of hand with pointing finger, then no edit can be done.

I wonder if I have some weired configuration?

Thanks for helping!

Sorry it hasn’t worked. The old behaviour was better and i may raise this as a feature request.

One way I’ve managed to do this is to minimise the bullet point that is the header of the query, then place your cursor on the line above/below this, and then use your keyboard arrow buttons to move your cursor up/down into the line of the query header. This then reveals the query text. Hope this helps.