How to fix Converted-from-Roam "file upload" Logseq bug occurrences?

I have been using Logseq for a couple months now, having imported my Roam Graph. I just noticed that many of the files that I had uploaded into a note in Roam, now look very odd in Logseq. Example below. I can copy and paste the https://… URL into a browser to get to the file, but that’s not a great solution. Is there a way to fix occurrences of this bug when I run into them?

(I’ve redacted my graph name from below. And there is nothiing private in the file it would have linked to)

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Did you find a solution to this? I have lots of embedded PDfs in roam and this a big stumbling block for me.
Images embed ok, but they point to a firebase file and ideally they would point to a local file too

Nope. I’m very disappointed in Logseq.