How to ignore a specific word from creating pages?

Simply that :slight_smile: I have a Orgmode file with a specific word as a title that contains thousands of subheadings. These word in the title gets links to all the subheadings as pages, so I would like to erase it as it does not make meaningful links in the graph. Thank you.

Hi, I see your question in github is already answered. If it solved your problem, please mark this post as solved :slight_smile:

Actually, I was wrong in my explanation. It’s not the title but the name of the file what is taken by LogSeq as a page. The file in question has thousands of subheadings (it’s an orgmode file) each about one topic and their tags. Therefore, in the graph, the name of the file is the center of this specific network but it distorts the whole graph, because the fact that all these notes (in the form of suheadings) are within this file is a convenience thing. It would be great to remove that node in the graph without removing the whole file contents (as the contents are the thousand notes). I hope it’s clearer now! I know many who keep their notes in subheadings within one fille.

The answer from GitHub about #exclude-from-graph-view does deal with this. Did you try it?