How to manage a large project index page to ensure references aren't lost?

I manage multiple projects simultaneously. Each project is a page that contains (not in the properties) the tag #project. On the #project tag page (body of the page), I organize all the projects by priority, responsible parties, etc. However, I encounter two challenges for which I would like your opinion:

  1. I can’t seem to find a way to drag & drop a page into another to create a reference. I have to do it manually, and it takes a lot of time. Am I missing something?
  2. Many times, I create projects from the journal pages during meetings, and then I forget that I’ve created them. I know they all appear as references on the #projects page, but considering I have almost +100 projects, how can I be sure I haven’t missed any? I know I could use more tags, but it doesn’t seem practical.

In Roam, there was a plugin that, from a specific page, search for all references to it that weren’t included in the page’s body. Is it possible to do something similar? Does anyone else use index pages like I do and face the same issue?


I’m trying to make sure I follow. In the first quote are you referring to the Linked references section? If so I don’t follow the second quote.
Or do you mean you manually make references to the projects on the page, but are unsure how to check if you missed any?
Or do you mean how to check if you actually gave the project page the project tag after mentioning it in the journal?

Love to know the answer to give some more direction/opinion :slight_smile: