Imagine the simplest query already fails

Just started dealing with advanced queries but the most simple task already fails.

There are plenty of blocks like this in my graph:

which I try to query like this:

:title [:b "simple Abfrage"]
  :query [
    :find (pull ?p [*])
      [?p :block/properties ?pr]
      [(get ?pr :medientyp) ?t1]
      [(get ?pr :medieninhalt) ?t2]
      [(= "Video" ?t1)]
      [(= "Interview" ?t2)]

which leads to no results

What am I doing wrong? :unamused:

I wonder if “Video” works. Is it a page reference in the form of [[Video]]?
If so, you will need to use the :block/properties-text-values attribute and compare to "[[Video]]"