Importing a given publication from Zotero to Logseq by calling `/zotero` multiple times

I have just encountered one issue when importing publication record from Zotero through the /zotero command that I would like to share. Well, maybe it is not an issue at all, but still someone may benefit from it.

Mainly due to my ignorance of the working principles of Logseq, whenever I wanted to make a reference to some publication, I used the command /zotero (followed by some text to pick the right publication). Even if the particular publication was already in my Logseq database…

I simply did not interpret that command as create a page in Logseq for this particular publication in Zotero but rather as remind me of the citation key for that publication.

Ooops… As a result, quite a few pages corresponding to those publications imported multiple times contain doubled or trippled content.

These troubles could be avoided if before calling the /zotero command one checks if the corresponding page has already been created in Zotero for the given publication.

But perhaps this check could also be automated somehow by Logseq.