Importing and updating datasets

I’ve been loving the note taking experience so far, but how about this use case?

Let’s say I’ve been journaling my exercises, like such

Mar 27th, 2023
- [[E/Pull Up]] 8 x 2
- [[E/Front lever]] 8 x 2

I’m guessing most people at the gym do some combination of the same 1000 exercises.

I could create 1000 markdown files with each exercise, in the namespace [[E]], with a description, pictures, and maybe with some tags like #abs.

Is there a way to sync that data so others could also access all exercises in logseq?

Ideally, some contributors could also write, while most people would only read and fetch new versions.

One of the ideas currently is to use git and a whitelist to only check in **E__** files into the repo.

Others can make PRs to a repo in github and then regular users can just force pull all those files, while every other non **E__** file will just be gitignored.