Improve Graph Functionality

  • Clicking and holding a node brings its neighbors into view. Right now, it moves things around but doesn’t really pull them into view.
  • Have a way to zoom in on a node and its neighbors without just bringing up the node in isolation. Right now, if you search for a node and bring it up, you just get a blue dot hanging there, and if you click it, you go right into the text view.
  • Two nodes having links in the same block should create a link between them. This is especially important for people who like to use the journal but don’t want to rely on journal entries in the graph view.
  • Have a sidebar which shows the graph view and automatically zooms in the current page whenever you switch pages. Kind of like Joplin’s graph view plugin.

In the meanwhile check “Logseq Graph Analysis” plugin (just install it from Logseq plugin library).

It has some advanced features. A preview:

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