Improve Right Sidebar: Custom Tabs, Keyboard-Friendly Right Sidebar Access and Option to "Pin" Card on top of the Stack

WIth 0.9.15 we have a slightly improved Right Sidebar. But it still needs some work, the least would be some Keyboard-Friendly way to access the Tabs and even the Cards that are stacked in there.
For me, the following would improve the Right Sidebar further:

  1. Allow other Tabs to be opened alongside Content, Page Graph and Help and make the Tabs List Customizable (I never use the Help Tab and soooo rarely use the Page Graph Tab because it doesn’t work on Blocks and I use blocks for 99% of what I do);
  2. Allow for Customizable Key Shortcuts for both the Tabs and the “Cards” in the Stack (Ctrl+1, Ctrl +2, etc - for the Tabs and Ctrl+Alt +1, etc for the Cards in the right sidebar, for example). If not “Pinned” - see the number 3. improvement below -, the accessed Card will go to the top of the stack when triggered by shortcut;
  3. Allow for “Pinned Cards” (pin to top). We already have the ability to rearrange by mouse the Cards, so they must have a number allocated to them behind the scenes. It should be easy to make this number fixed for some “Cards”;