Include linked references in "search in page" option

I use tags and notes without text more and more to categorize groups of notes/blocks. For exampe I have a tag #media/muziek that has a lot of linked references but no text for that page itself.

When I go to that page in the linked references it shows me the name of page (the artist), the tag I use and the songs of that artist that I like. Looks like this …

Schermafbeelding 2022-04-26 om 15.25.55

Very nice grouping of my artists and their songs. But as sorting and filtering linked references is not possible (yet) an intermediate and usefull alternative would be to have the “search in page” option (CMD-SHFT-K) to also look in the linked references.

Currently it only searches in the actual text of the page.

I am no developer so I am not sure how feasible this is to add rather quickly but, for “search in page” you might only just use the actual presented page (HTML ?) instead of the actual markdown files or closure database. That might make development of this FR more easy. But as I am mention I am no developer so I might oversimplify things :-).

Kind regards