Intro - sabre23t from Malaysia - Long time outliner user

Hi Everyone

S M Sabri Ismail aka sabre23t here …
:earth_asia: I’m from Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
:now: Mapping and Public Transport are my main interest areas.
:map: How I found Logseq: I was just researching the hype around Roam on Twitter and found Logseq along the way. I love the text MD/ORG and Github setup. Outlining have been my main mode of info capture for a long time. My main outliner has been since 2011. I had also been editing wikis including Tiddlywiki and Wikipedia. Also other outliners like

So far Logseq combination of Outlining, Wiki and Journal have kept me using it daily. :smile_cat:

BTW: I was wondering whether to create a new topic to intro myself or just reply to a thread. After looking at neo4j Discourse forum I chose to create a new topic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @sabre23t, glad to see you here!
Thank you for the feedback for adding some shortcuts to make logseq more productive,
we’ll make some changes soon.

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