Is their a manual for Logseq

I’ve indented a note under a note. One of the things I’d like to do in Logseq, and have been able to do in other outliners, is to collapse items—which I guess here are called blocks—so I can get an overview of the structure of the outline, focus on an item at its subitems, or move them around in the collapsed outline.

I don’t see how to do that. Or how I can learn how to do that, if it can be done. I imagine there are commands for many other actions that can be invoked in Logseq. Where, how can I do that?

I guess what I’d like is a manual. And I’m guessing that that does not exist. If so is there another way I can learn how to do things that can be done, that I’d like to do.

Here there is the documentation:

Thanks. I’ve seen that before. Didn’t come to mind. Need to bookmark it. And study it.