Is there a better way to change property values in pages and blocks in batches?

Hello everyone, I have a problem with changing properties in various files and blocks. For example, finding ‘email:: A’ and then changing date:: 2024-02-01 to date:: 2024-02-02.

Some data is stored on its own page, and some pages have multiple sets of data/blocks.

If using Python for batch modification, how can I detect the block?

  • What do you mean by “better”?
  • I would run a script that uses Logseq’s own API to:
    • query the database for blocks that need updating
    • perform the updating
    • confirm the updating
  • If you need to use Python, consider Edit and run python code inside Logseq itself

Wow, I didn’t know we could use Python to update it. let me spend some time to understand your project. See if I can raise more precise questions.

“Better” means I don’t need to update data one by one which is the way that I’m using.