Is there a page here with youtube video links

i found an embedded youtube link on one Ramses page here under discuss. logseqDOTcom
but the other Logseq videos as such are scrambled with other contributors when i search Youtube itself.
I may be missing sonething obvious such as a playlist of Logseq Ramses Sprint 2022 videos

I think I just passed that link, and other videos from the Learning Sprint appear to be on the official Logseq youtube channel. Is that what you were looking for?

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Welcome to the community @robert_chifflet!

What videos are you exactly looking for? As blork pointed out, we have our own YouTube channel. There’s also the community hub at with lots of useful videos from the community. In time, we’ll also add more of our own how-to content.

Because we’re a small team and I create most of the official how-to content myself, we’re relying a lot on content creators from the community. But it doesn’t matter that content doesn’t carry our official stamp: their creations are very useful and teach you how to use Logseq. I especially recommend you check out @Dario_DS’s YouTube channel:

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