Is there any chance of adding Tabs?

I use Logseq to keep notes for my writing projects, but I constantly find myself having to find some obscure page on the sidebar because there isn’t a way to just keep tabs open like in internet browsers. Either that, or strategically open pages in a specific order so I can hit forward and back to get to the relevant places.

I heard there is a plugin for that. Check the plugin marketplace inside logseq application.

The Tabs plugin on the Marketplace just adds shortcuts that look like tabs, so each tab must be reloaded everytime.

A better alternative may be Tabbed Sidebar plugin, since they are real tabs.

I understand a recent version of Obsidian supports multi-tabs as a standard feature. How about adding this feature to Logseq directly, rather than depending on plug-ins. The utility of this feature was already proven by the popularity of the plug-ins.

This point has been rised tons of times but the devs just say they have a different vision.