Journal files doubled with different Names

Moin, Hi, heji,

on indexing I keep getting the following Message:

Seite existiert bereits mit einer anderen Datei: journals/Apr 4th,, aktuelle Datei: journals/ Bitte behalten Sie nur eine davon und indizieren Sie Ihren Graphen neu.

for a multiple of files
It says there is a file with same content and different Name. pls. chose one

Clicking häppily away keeps me working, but I wonder, where the Filenaming goes wrong.
Journals are automatically named like Jul 1st, 2023 and I was under the impression that the corresponding md file is named by the system … How come, ther is an aditional file with the original page / Journal Title in addition?

couldn’t find anything on filenames here or in the documentation.
Anybody to point me or explain what the mechanism is?

Mickey (being curious)

For me this happened after a Logseq update when the Settings > Editor > Preferred Date Format changed to the default somehow. Other time I chose to change it and I remember getting duplicate same-day journal pages in the app. I don’t remember if choosing the date format and doing a Re-Index fixed it.