Keep block in query results while in focus / editing / rotating todo-states

I love the TODO-queries on my today’s journale. And to be able to edit blocks right in the query results is a good idea. But a couple of times a day I do the same mistake (yes, I am THAT stupid): I change the TODO-state while that state is a criteria for that very same query where I am in.

So what happens is: I see a “TODO” and think “I did that yesterday”. So I click it and hit Strg+Enter to toggle it to “DONE” . In the same millisecond I think “I should put some notes to it”, but the block vanishes because it no longer belongs in the “TODO”-query-results.

I would root for:

  • if in the list of query results a block is edited and the changes result in that this block is no longer a valid result of the query, this block should be marked with an (!)-icon but remain in place until the user clicks some element outside the query.

I could think of other behaviors, but this I like most. Keep a query from updateing while the user edits in its results.

Thank you