Linked Reference Filter: Make page tag behave like block tag


Page 1:

tags:: page-tag-1

- #parent-block-tag-1
        - #searched-tag

Page 2:

tags:: page-tag-2

- #parent-block-tag-2
        - #searched-tag

Now navigating to [[searched-tag]] page and clicking on its “Linked References” filter shows following:

Expected filter entries

page-tag-1 , page-tag-2 , parent-block-tag-1 , parent-block-tag-2

Actual filter entries

The page title (page 1 , page 2) is shown as linked reference instead of the page-tag. This makes page tags behave non-intuitively and different from block-tags.

Proposed solution

a) Either replace containing page title by page tag names
b) Keep page titles as filter source, but add page tag names additionally


Add (page) property keys and their value to the filter, which makes them behave exactly like page/tag references.