Logseq Export public pages to HTML - images stuck small

Greetings all,

I am new to Logseq but I think it might be a great tool for note taking as I work. After I complete a job, I will need to export the related notes to HTML, so it is portable and anyone can view it with no additional software.

I tried the export public pages functionality and it seemed to work ok, with two complications.

  1. Images that were pasted into the blocks as evidence of what I was seeing will not enlarge when you click on the button in the export as it will in Logseq.
  2. After exporting the two public pages, my entire graph was corrupted. Now the pages are there, however there is no content.

I presume 2 was a fluke, since I don’t see anything about that searching here. But is there a solution for 1?


Is this a normal thing? Has anyone else experienced the issue that images in exported html won’t enlarge?