Logseq freezes on query (ubuntu)

Hi there, i am kind of new to logseq, so be pacient please. Right now logseq completely freezes completely ending up on a white screen (no UI, only blank). The problem is the following query:

{{query (and (property note-type note/highlight) (not (property template)) (property state state/todo) )}}

I know for a fact that this query should return a list of 36 pages generated from readwise (to which I added the ‘state’ property. The behavior is rather strange. When I completely remove the third condition in the and: ‘(property state state/todo)’, it runs very quickly generating the table with 36 entries. Also, I tried changing the state to some of them to state doing. When there are only 2-3 it runs ok, but the more I add it starts running excesively slow. When there are 6, it starts to reaaaally take a long time.