Logseq is a love at first sight

I’ve been hearing good things about Logseq for a long time but avoided it because it lacked a mobile app and I’m an iPad-first person. Now that the mobile beta is there, I decided to give it a try. And boy… was I missing out.

I’ve always thought in outlines, and I used to be a big user of apps like Workflowy (which is still the best outliner out there in my mind). However, I had some experiences that made me skeptical of online-first apps. This is also the reason why I never gave Roam Research a try.

I’ve also always wanted to create a personal wiki, and could never find a satisfying solution until Bear came along. From Bear, I moved on to Craft, and finally to Obsidian – and I got really hooked on the idea of local files which remain readable even if the app ever stops working.

Well… Logseq feels like a perfect union of these two needs of mine: a personal, plain-text wiki, and an outliner.

What really made me fall in love with Logseq immediately, though, is the paradigm of the daily journal (which I imagine is borrowed from Roam so big kudos to them for inventing that). I open the app, and I can immediately start writing. I don’t have to worry about creating a file, figuring out how to categorize anything, etc. Search, interlinking, etc., does my categorization for me. It reminds me of my analog Bullet Journal in that: it’s simple, inviting.


I also made the transition from Obsidian due to the outliner mode. But Logseq slows down significantly as your notes grow. The writing friction makes it near impossible to write uninterrupted.

Yeah, Obsidian is blazing fast… I hope that the work the team is doing to improve performance will pay off.

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