Logseq lags and stutters after running a query

I am experiencing terrible lags in Logseq (from 0.7.6 onwards). It makes typing and navigating almost impossible, because the whole app hangs at irregular intervals, so I never know whether my input has been received or not.

I have uninstalled plugins, turned Git auto commit on and off, restarted and rebooted, but the problem persists.

The most likely cause seems to be opening a page with a query on it. Once it has retrieved a table, the lagging starts, even if I close that page. Could it be that Logseq keeps the opened query running in the background once it’s been opened, so it’s continually looking for new blocks that might pop up somewhere? If that’s the case, it needs to be looked at. It is making my Logseq life almost impossible.

Where is the best place to report this? And what is the best way to make sure I have diagnosed this correctly?

I am getting the suspicion that the culprit may be simple queries. I replaced a simple query with an equivalent advanced query (equivalent at least in results) and am not seeing any of the performance problems I had before. This would roughly match with when my problems started, which was around the time I started experimenting with simple queries.

Does anyone else have any observations that would match what I’m seeing: that there is an enormous and ongoing performance penalty to using simple queries and that that penalty does not occur with advanced ones?