Logseq public pages with Netlify

Hey guys, I’m amazed by the “export public pages” feature! I’m building a project and I’m excited to test it with Logseq!

I’ve asked for recommendations in Discord for services that can allow me to create a private website (with ogin / password protected)

I’ve used Netlify in the past and I think I might be able to achieve what I need with Netlify

However when I test deploying my site I get an error

What I’m doing so far

I’ve exported my notes

I’ve made sure it works correctly in localhost

then I set a private github repo.

In Netlify I create a new site from repo.

my missing set-up

Now I’m sure there are some settings in this page that need to be set-up to work correctly.

I just don’t know what to do in this section.

I tried to go through this Netlify docs , but I couldn’t figure it out
Functions overview | Netlify Docs

I’m familiar with deplying static websites with Gatsby and Hugo.

but I don’t know what I need to put to make Logseq work.

If I skip this set up and do “Deploy Site” I get the error shown previously

the set-up options

I was watching the Logseq zoom where there was a demo to achieve this through github pages.

However since I’m trying to create a login / password protected site. In my case I’d like to set it up with Netlify.

I appreciate any tips or any help! Thanks a lot!

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Hi @santi,

  1. The exported version of Logseq is just assets of a static website, with the app and your data bundled together, serving publicly to the web browser (when deployed). As a result, it may not be suitable for password-protected if I understand your use case correctly.

  2. I will try deploy to Netlify later. It should work the same as GitHub pages or Vercel though.

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Hey @junyu thanks for the reply. I haven’t been able to achieve deployment from Netlify would love to know if you managed to achieve it. Keep me updated if you can, really appreciate the help

You shouldn’t have to specify anything, I just deployed a test site and it worked.

As long as you have the index.html in the root directory and the other folders it should just be picked up by netlify as a plain ol’ static html site.

Example site I just deployed: https://wonderful-hamilton-5caf7d.netlify.app/

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Thanks @digitalknk interesting. Could it be because I did “New Site for Git” I’m deploying from my files in Github, did you do it like this, or did you uploaded the folder directly into Netlify?

This is what I did,

  1. Created a folder for my test site called “test-site”
  2. Exported my files to the test-site folder
  3. Commited my files to a github repo (private)
  4. logged into Netlify
  5. clicked on “New Site from Git”
  6. Selected the repo from github on Netlify
  7. clicked on Deploy Site

That’s all. I did it again to make sure I wasn’t missing a step.


Thanks a lot for the help and for testing it. I’ll definitely try it again I probably messed up something in the process.
Thank you