Logseq Text Formatting and Edit

Quite often I find myself curating emails and starting to write documents in Logseq.
It would be awesome to have some feature that allow to treat a block as a text document with some basic text formatting like in TextEdit for example

I can imagine it to work similar to “src” or “calc” block → hit /doc and this block transforms to document curation one

Honestly i’ve been trying to find something to do this since i cant remember all the MD commands and sometimes they don’t work that great as well. Even a context menu option for basics would be more than welcome if nothing else! Even a plugin would be wonderful!

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Try the Text Wrapper. It adds a sort of Notion style toolbar on select. You can customise it to your liking for bold, italics, etc


Is it a plugin you are referring to? If so, can you please share a link?



That’s right. I searched here and found it in the plugin store. Thanks a lot for the nomination, @Aryan.

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Thank you so much @HLDFR ad @Aryan !!

This plugin is exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve modified mine to look like this, although I want to tweak the highlights and coloured text to be HTML export friendly…