LynnOC from San Francisco, hi Everyone

Hi Everyone: I’ve been “app-hopping” and using different apps for different purposes. I’m a clinical psychologist, a “professor emeritus” (meaning half-retired) and I use Notion for a lot of writing and for things I do with other people, and I’ve been using Roam or Obsidian as I go through my day, I’ve felt uncomfortable taking notes on my meetings with clients or students because of privacy concerns --and also, due to dependency on the Internet being up and working. I decided to try Logseq for my “meetings with people notes” because it lives on my hard drive (though I have to figure out backup). I find I like the feel of Logseq, it seems frictionless somehow, and secure. Now I need to learn how to do more things --I"m very much a digital immigrant and therefore --I’m very old, so I’m probably less fluid digitally than most of you here. And very glad to be here!! I have a Blog in Psychology Today “Our Empathic Nature” and a small publication in Medium, “Process Notes: The Personal is Political” and I hope you’ll all visit them.