Macro Commands Table Display

I created a macro that makes a url based on an input variable.

“ticket” “[$1](/$1)”

the goal being that with an input of AAA-123 I would get a resulting hyperlink named AAA-123 linked to “/AAA-123”

I then use this as a part property for an associated TODO. I query my todos in table view and add this part property as a column. When i do this, it shows up as as hyperlink to [$1](/$1) …

This seems like a bug as it doesn’t show up in a similar fashion when viewing it in the non-table format? (List view?)

NOTE: an accompanying command was created [“Ticket” [[:editor/input “{{{ticket }}}” {:backward-pos 3}]]] to make use of the macro easier.

Welcome. Consider Make custom macros that replace themselves with their value on first run