Make page-properties possible outside of first block on a page

  • I am running into the issue that page properties always need to be at the top of the page to be recognized as page properties but sometimes that is quite inconvenient. I would suggest a solution to make page properties available all over the page by using 3 (three) ::: to assign them instead of the current two that gives a block property.
  • So even in one block you could create a mix of page and block properties (through CSS you might even make them somewhat different to easily recognize them).
  • It might be a hit on performance as all blocks need to be parsed in a query intead of only the first one but I thought I put it out here.

Not sure if ::: would be the correct way to indicate a page-property. But at least make it possbile to have page-properties outside the first block.

As I’m new to Logseq, may I ask in which occasions having page properties as the first block would be “quite inconvenient”? I’m building my graph word-by-word and wouldn’t want to make mistakes.

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