Make the Plugin Management "Check all Updates" result popup fully copyable as markdown for the journal including links to releases

For me it is useful to follow updates of plugins. I usually keep track of updates and read the changelogs. I use the popup report after choosing “Check all Updates” from the Plugin Management as a starting point.

Since the dialog is not copyable content, I use a screenshot and text recognition from macOS to grab the text and versions. The links behind the (i) icons are quick infos citing the text from the release notes, but it seem to be the responsbility of the developer to deliver the text in proper form, and it is not always available.

My suggestion is to offer the listing as copyable richtext or better as Markdown that can be pasted into a journal page as refernce including:

  • Proper name of the plugin
  • Link to the code repo as available from the plugin overview
  • Links to the latest displayed revision (to quickly review the commits and diffs)
  • Content of the (i) mouseover

As a bonus the listing of all subsequent revision from current state to the version to be installed wold be nice to have (from the changelog), but I think this is overkill and can be accomplished by starting from the latest revision link.

One more useful feature would be collecting all the messages from the install issues (primarily key-binding collisions, that took place alot recently) and offer them as well to be copied as a whole. The select all command reaches only the visible ones. Since this is a feature request I include it here as part of an overall improvement of the Update Experience.

One side benefit is higher awareness of the users of the amount of work and the value of the cntributions by volunteers!