My notes on a PDF: gone! forever?

Hi there!
something quite weird: I’ve used Logseq for writing notes on a book (in pdf).

  • many notes were linked to the pdf (by the command “copy block ref”, not sure of the exact name in english as I am using Logseq with the italian language), some were text and some where areas (I use it for images and diagrams).
  • many other notes were either written by me, or I took parts of text in the pdf and copy&paste, without block referencing, just as plain text.
    everything seemed fine, the page some days ago showed correctly the two types of notes… but today I opened the page, and the notes written (or pasted) by me were gone, while remaining only the “block refs notes”, perfectly usable.
    what happened? are my notes recoverable?
    please note: my graph is in an encrypted volume on a USB pen. I know that Logseq uses a local cache too, but I think it is not relevant in this case since the “block-ref notes” and the “written” ones have been taken in the same session, so no issue like usb connection failure while writing or something like this, otherwise all the notes were lost, and it’s not the case.
    thanks for helping!

Are your notes still present as files in the pages directory? i.e. is it a display problem or are the actual notes files gone.

As an aside I highly recommend using a version control system like git to regularly backup your logseq directory … this will make it essentially impossible to lose anything.

the note page (and the note file obviously) contains the “block-ref” notes (i.e. a block of text in the pdf, or an area like image or diagram), but there’s no trace of the notes I wrote by myself between the others. that’s weird! and I do regularly backups, but the note page was written all in one session (in a single day) and in the next day I discovered this issue. so no backup would have prevented this problem. please note that every other part of my graph is in perfect shape. so… I can’t imagine what happened.

solved! my mistake, and I learned something about logseq:
so there are 3 layers:

  • 1 the pdf
  • 2 a file containing only the block-ref notes on the pdf (same name of the pdf except the suffix)
  • 3 a file containg the notes in the layer 2 plus every other note (the name can be different)
    sorry for bothering, thanks for the help!
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