Native Task Management

Dedicated Task Management system.

Yes, I know you can use queries, but a dedicated task management system for new users to use as a default would reduce the friction between users and their tasks. Currently if a user wants to add task management, they need to reference several FAQ pages, find the query they “think” might work, dig through countless posts on the Discord Datalog page, etc. All this and they could still accidentally delete their entire task management query or entire page.

A simple page with a grid that shows tasks and a native UI filtering and sorting function would be a great start to solving this issue. Yes, queries are a possible solution, but they’re not a fully featured solution in they way that a native and dedicated page would provide. The fact that only a few people on Discord seem to always respond to the same recurring questions of “How do I show a query that shows my…?” is evidence that a basic and native system is needed by the community of current users and future users as well.

I have a mini menu at the top of the TODO page where I have all statusses I use. That block I also referenced in the NOW, LATER, WAITING, DOING and DONE pages.

Works fine for me. The only thing is that the TODO page is linked everywhere.

A simple one page system to gather all status without using queries.

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