New releases announcement?

Would it be possible to announce on this forum when a new release is available?
I visit here every day and it would save me, and I expect many users, from having to frequently visit the new releases web page.
I’m aware that there is a “check for new releases” button on the software settings panel, but I use the .AppImage, and I’ve found this is the one function that doesn’t work.

Just a workaround and it’s what I use: find the Logseq GitHub page and you can “Watch” the project. You can then customize what you get notified about, and you can select only “Releases”.

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Thanks @scabbedAvatar I’ve done that, I’ll see if it works! I’m sure it will work :blush:

As another alternative, Logseq Discord server have a releases channel Discord

Or you can subscribe Github Releases Atom feed Release notes from logseq

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