New user, opening screen, poor onboarding


Brand new user. I download and open the app, and run the video on the Getting Started page. He goes to open a new database/folder by clicking “Open”. I look at my screen.

There is no “Open” like Dario has. There is “Add a graph”. When I click that I get this:

Far more helpful.

I have suggestions:

  1. Either improve your getting started page or keep videos up to date. If I search for “Add a graph” it doesn’t appear in the linked page nor the Onboarding page - how far into the docs before I am told what the first button to push is?

  2. Why are the docs (or at least, the most concise “Getting started”) simply not the opening page for a new install? The app could even contain the docs, that would seem a perfect fit for its use case. Either way, something meaningful and helpful on the opening page would, in my view, improve things 100%.

  3. I’m not a kid, I’m not interested in clicking around to see what works, I want to be told “do a, b, then c” and start getting on with stuff, playtime comes later. Why would anyone click “Add a graph” without any other context first? Is this going to be like git where I’m expected to study the underlying data structure in order to use the app? Leaky abstractions comes to mind, and you’re not Linus Torvalds so I’m not going to give the benefit of the doubt.

Onboarding new users is, as far as I’m aware, of primary importance for any app so I’m surprised at why this kind of stuff has been missed. If I open an app and aren’t poked to try some kind of tutorial or “getting started” flow then that’s a red flag.

I will persist for a while longer and hope that there’s more thought gone into the rest of the app.


Hey to be honest with you loqseq is great for me, I’m coming from using Notion and finding loqseq is what actually transformed my personal flows, it just takes a little time investment to get most things up and running smoothly and to do so I highly recommend: OneStutteringMind, Dario’s vidéos are honestly a game changer and one of the best ways to try get up to speed with the tool imo

Here’s a link :