Newby from Holland

Hey I’m Hans and (for the last 35 years) I’m 38 years old and always like to learn new stuff.
On my age :), one of the problems I have to face, is remembering, recollect and discover/create useful relations between (gained) knowledge topics. That is why I think LogSeq can help. I still use other tools like Goodlinks and Notability.

My main domains of interests are:
Stochastic Statistic’s, Cognitive psychology, programming languages (including development environments) and much more.
My biggest problem in life is that: “I don’t know what I don’t know”, so I keep searching :wink

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Hello Hans,

I think we all struggle with not knowing what we don’t know. I use Logseq for tracking some of my specific interests so over time I will know were to go to see what I knew once :slight_smile: