Not seeing iCloud as option for folder selection on iPhone

I’m new to Logseq and trying to install and set up iCloud sync my iPhone 11 and Macbook. On the iPhone app, I don’t see an option to use iCloud.

Instead I see “Dropbox” (grayed out) and “On my phone”. I think when I first launched the iPhone app, it asked me whether I wanted to use iCloud or local. I mistakenly chose local. But now no amount of uninstalling / reinstalling the iPhone app or rebooting my iPhone gives me that option again.

When I look at my iCloud storage I see that a new folder has been created at the root level called Logseq. But it’s empty, and I don’t know how to tell the app to access it.

Can anyone help?

did you ever figure this out?
i cant get iCloud to work either
one thing I notice is they say the folder should have logseq icon
but they don’t
I have uninstalled multiple times and am now collecting db’s that don’t wk

Nope :expressionless: from what I can tell this feature does not function as documented.

Tx Tod big ughh
Is a deal breaker for me

I am hopeful that the Logseq Sync beta will fulfill the same need. Looks like it rolled out to supporters in the last couple days.