Obsidian image compatability


I’ve been using Obsidian for a while before I just got back to logseq recently. I actually have all my images that I include in my notes stored in the assets folder of my vault.
However, Obsidian links them as ![[foo.png]], whereas logseq links them as [foo.jpg](assets/foo.jpg]. Is there any way to make the images from my Obsidian notes appear in logseq as well?



I’m also very interested in this. Probably related to Logseq and Obsidian.md Colaboration Projects - #19 by Bakasan.

I suspect the dev for this plugin can likely make it happen- he’s MIA though GitHub - ruivieira/obsidian-plugin-logseq: A simple plugin to make Obsidian's preview of LogSeq markdown a bit more pleasant.