Offline mode / better offline handling

Hi all, I’ve been loving my logseq experience so far and recently setup git auto-commits. Recently decided to do some offline notetaking / air travel and noticed the app gets a bit noisy with errors.

Recommend a feature to either detect network connectivity and warn once, or provide an option for offline mode. Might look like the following:

  1. Detect whether the OS has a valid internet connection and warn the user once if auto-commits are on or logseq sync is enabled. “No internet connection available. Updates will be stored locally until the application is restarted.” ← or until internet connectivity is restored, or maybe allow for a snooze of the alert?

  2. Add option for enabling Offline mode in the prefs. If enabled, add an icon or menu drop-down to toggle the functionality. If it’s toggled on, then no git syncs or other network activity is attempted. When it’s toggled off, a git commit/sync and any other regular network requests are performed.

This “feature” of constant error messages is very frustrating when offline.

Very much the same disruptive experience when using paid sync as well. Screenshot below on macOS w/ Logseq 0.9.20. Offline notetaking is one of the most important reasons I use Logseq, wish that experience would be supported as first class.

Graphs accumulate and hold tons of personal/work and private data. I suspect for a few (or many?), the option to set that Logseq never connects to the Internet would be a core feature.

Note: This becomes even more relevant when using plugins. If a plug-in is loaded manually, it is easy to inspect the code, but:

  • this assumes the user can inspect and understand it
    • even if that is the case, the user may miss something

There are ways to jail the application, but I agree that it would be ideal to have a native option.