Offline mode / better offline handling

Hi all, I’ve been loving my logseq experience so far and recently setup git auto-commits. Recently decided to do some offline notetaking / air travel and noticed the app gets a bit noisy with errors.

Recommend a feature to either detect network connectivity and warn once, or provide an option for offline mode. Might look like the following:

  1. Detect whether the OS has a valid internet connection and warn the user once if auto-commits are on or logseq sync is enabled. “No internet connection available. Updates will be stored locally until the application is restarted.” ← or until internet connectivity is restored, or maybe allow for a snooze of the alert?

  2. Add option for enabling Offline mode in the prefs. If enabled, add an icon or menu drop-down to toggle the functionality. If it’s toggled on, then no git syncs or other network activity is attempted. When it’s toggled off, a git commit/sync and any other regular network requests are performed.

This “feature” of constant error messages is very frustrating when offline.