Ongoing Issue Parsing Graph Pages

I’ve used Logseq (currently 0.8.9) without issue the past few months. My graph, which is encrypted, was stored in iCloud and routinely accessed on Macbook and iPhone.

Now, when I attempt to open my graph, Logseq only shows 39 of 173 pages in the “All Pages” view. I can see in the directory that all 173 pages still exist.

I have tried reinstalling the app, removing and re-adding the graph and loading the graph from Dropbox and a local directory instead of iCloud, no luck.

I’m also wondering if it’s an issue to do with encryption. When I load the pages in the graph directory using Obsidian, all 173 pages are accessible, but only the 39 pages that also load in Logseq show up as decrypted in Obsidian while the others only show the encrypted text.

Any thoughts or advice? Much appreciated.